Vermeer Northeast offers a variety of vacuum excavation systems. Whether you’re dealing with mud, water, sawdust, a sticky highway spill or most other non-hazardous substances, Vermeer distributes powerful excavation machines that let you get in and get the job done.

We offer McLaughlin Vacuum Excavators and Vac-Tron Vacuum Excavation Systems.  We offer over 40 models of vacuum excavators and solutions to fit your needs. Trailer mounted vacuum excavators are available from 250 gallon up to 1,200 gallon with a number of different engine options and configurations. Skid mount vacuum packages are also available from 100-1200 gallons to suit your needs. 

These high capacity vacs are modeled off of the proven industry leading trailer Vacuum excavator line and offer contractors the ability to stay job longer doing more potholing, or containing more drill fluids before needing to leave the jobsite to dump. That reduced time off the job will undoubtedly lead to more productivity and profitability for the customer.

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