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Vermeer brush chippers offer years of rugged and dependable service. With exclusive features and proprietary designs, Vermeer chippers tackle tough brush-chipping projects. For maximum performance, brush chippers are available with the Vermeer exclusive patented SmartFeed system or the AutoFeed II® feature. These systems increase productivity by automatically monitoring and regulating chipper feed rates so that the machine operates at peak engine horsepower. In addition, our patented brush chipper bottom feed stop bar and long feed tables help to increase operator safety while on the job.Vermeer Brush Chipper

  • Our Brush Chippers feature long feed tables that help keep operators safer by positioning them farther from the feed rollers.
  • The Vermeer Brush Chipper SmartFeed system senses feed-rollerjams and automatically shifts the material back and forth until it is fed through the chipper.
  • The bottom-feed stop bar makes it possible for the operator’sleg to strike the bar and shut off the feed mechanism, eitherintentionally or automatically, in an emergency situation.
  • On the BC1500, an optional winch allows operators to move large logs effortlessly and it automatically lifts the BC1500 log onto the feed table

We offer a variety of models of Vermeer Brush Chippers including the BC700XL, BC900XL, BC1000XL, BC1200XL, BC1500, BC1800XL, BC2100XL. For landclearing operations and larger logging contractors, we also offer the Vermeer Whole Tree Chipper, the WC2300XL.

Stop into one of our Vermeer locations in New York, Connecticut or Massachusetts today! Click here for a full list of our vermeer dealer locations. 

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