Vermeer stump cutters and stump grinders have been around since the 1950's when Gary Vermeer invented his first stump grinder. Stump removal is no longer the back-breaking, time consuming chore it used to be. With the Vermeer stump cutter, stumps are simply swept away. Each model of Vermeer stump grinder and stump cutter is tough, reliable and easy to use on any type of hardwood tree.

Watch our stump cutters and stump grinders go to work in our product video library.

Vermeer Stump Grinder and Stump Cutter KEY FEATURES:

  • AutoSweep® system allows stumps to be swept away, one pass after another. Stump grinding is easy as ever!
  • Vermeer Yellow Jacket teeth yield fast, aggressive cuts with less sharpening and more reliability!

Come in to one of our local Vermeer dealerships in New York, Massachusetts or Connecticut to learn more about stump grinders and stump cutters or reach out to your local Vermeer sales rep. You can contact your sales rep here or check out our locations here.

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