The New England Chapter ISA is pleased to be able to offer advanced rigging. Earn 6 ISA CEUs, learn the ins and outs of arborist rigging, from risk management to compound rigging, in an indoor environment.  All this for just $65 per person. This  demonstration course is built for up to 80 participants and is being taught by North American Training Solutions.

Advanced Technical Rigging

Safety and Risk Management
 Integrated risk assessment, tree dynamics and prescribed work risk
 Communication system
 Establishment of work zones and drop zones
 Emergency response and readiness

Physics and Dynamics
 Dynamic load vectors, angles of incidence, force, mass, and impact
 Reactive forces and system load analysis and interpretation
 Tree Dynamics, System Dynamics, Force Management

Lines Slings and Rope Tools
 Line selection, care and maintenance
 Elasticity, tensile strengths, bend radius, working load, factor of safety
 Slings for lowering, balancing and lifting
 Compliant interface, terminations and attachments

Knots, hitches, prussics and terminology
 Bight, bend, loop, turn & round turn, tail, lead, fall, standing parts,working& running end
 Rigging knots and hitches; figure 8, slip knot, cow hitch, timberhitch,running bowline, half hitch, clove hitch, single/double sheet bend,girth hitch,English prussics, French prussics kleimheist and krutzelkleim
 Select and match sling size and construction to rope diameter

Rigging equipment
 Fiddle blocks, blocks, pulleys, connecting links, selection, care and use
 Ratcheting or winching lowering/lifting devices features and benefits
 Rigging Bone and knotless riggingSpecialized devices, tools, and equipment

Compound rigging techniques and planning
 Planning work and working plan, teamwork and communication
 Cutting techniques, bore/plunge cut, mis-match, lift notch and v-notch
 Rigging systems, balancing, lifting, drifting, sliding and travelling, multiblock rigging and benefits
 Rigging equipment set-up, stowage, and operation



 *Includes one-year membership to the New England Chapter ISA (a $35 value).

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